Amazing archery journey of seven foreigners

来源: 中国山东网 编辑: 管理员 发布时间: 2018-06-15

When it comes to Chinese traditional culture, we usually think of the Four Books, Five Classics and Six Arts. Among them the Six Arts includes rites, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy, mathematics. Recently, seven foreigners went to Ni Shan Academy to learn Chinese archery in Daming Lake in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Raza from Pakistan has taken part in the Touch Shandong Activity series for many times. He said he loves Chinese culture and also loves to communicate with Chinese people. Although he has been in China for less than one year, he now can understand a lot of Chinese.

Rachid is not a frequenter of Touch Shandong Activity series but he said his tall figure gives him more confidence in learning archery.

“For Chinese archery, the etiquette and cultural connotation of a person are more important than the techniques of archery,” said Master Wang of Ni Shan Academy. Before the formal learning, the foreigners gave a salute to the Confucius figure. After that, Master Wang displayed the techniques of Chinese archery to the foreigners step by step. They were surprised by the whole process from draw a bow to release the arrow.

To make them learn faster, Wang taught the Eight-trigram Boxing, a kind of Chinese martial art, to help them warm up before the learning the archery. Rosa from Peru show great enthusiasm and interest in the boxing. “Amazing! I feel my body is heated up!”

Though Wang taught them step by step and hand by hand, the foreigners still cannot get the point of archery at the beginning. But after repeated practice, they all can hit the scoring zones. Irina, who comes from Russia, even hit the bull’s-eye, wining widespread praises.

After the learning, the teacher and foreign students gave salutes to each other. Apart from the archery technique, they were more impressed by the traditional Chinese thought of respecting teachers and treating people with politeness.